Secret Santa

Sonoma County Secret Santa collected and distributed gifts to over 16,500 individuals during the holiday season through Secret Santa Red Gift Hearts and Secret Santa Letters, and raised funds to help provide gifts and assistance to clients of nonprofit and social service agencies in Sonoma County. We served 102 organizations throughout the county and are gearing up to handle even more agencies, schools, and/or community non-profit organizations.


Secret Santa Program Features:
1. Gift wishes for individual clients, displayed on Red Heart Ornaments in public locations throughout Sonoma County for fulfillment by the public.
2. Secret Santa Letters for families, larger needs, or unusual requests, read on KZST radio for adoption by the public.
3. Volunteers for holiday activities, recruited by The Volunteer Center for organizations across the county.


The Secret Santa team’s primary focus for is to increase our community involvement in Secret Santa – the volunteers, the heart gift and letter adopters, and business sponsors. We also are expanding our key volunteer team to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible for our agencies who depend upon Secret Santa to help give their clients an extra special holiday.