2-1-1 Sonoma County

211 Sonoma is a program of the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County with funding support from County of Sonoma Human Services, Kaiser Permanente, United Way, and other private grants.

In support of our County Emergency Office of Communications, 211 Sonoma has been a partner 24 hours, a day, every day since the fires broke on October 8, 2017. In 2015, 211 Sonoma was called upon by Lake County to act as their sole source of public information for people affected by the fires so our team has some prior experience with these sorts of calls.

And, with thousands of calls received and supported in the past few weeks, the Call Specialists have been instrumental in ensuring rumors and false information is corrected and people in need are directed to the right resource. While rebuilding slowly moves forward, 211 Sonoma will remain a constant source of vital information and referrals for our community as it relates to housing, insurance, taxes, food assistance, basic needs, childcare, immigration, and veterans services.