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Expertise Exchange - Is this your time to serve?

Your professional skills and experiences can help a local non-profit grow, transform, or tackle an immediate problem.  This is a special opportunity for managers, professionals and leaders to join the Expertise Exchange.

We are reaching out to potential volunteers looking to join a team of skilled and knowledgeable experts partnering with local non-profits to understand their missions and help them achieve their goals.  Together you, the Non-Profit and the Volunteer Center's team will implement a short, practical project plan designed to achieve specific objectives and deliverables meeting an organizational challenge. 

As a pro-bono expert assigned to the project, you will work for 60-90 days on a flexible schedule to execute specific goals alongside motivated colleagues with well-defined resources.  The Expertise Exchangehelps ensure project deliverables are met by providing regular support to both the volunteer and organization for the duration of the project.  Here are some areas where a volunteer may contribute: 

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If you are experienced in these areas of have other specialized skills you'd like to contribute to a local non-profit, we hope you'll join this exciting venture! For more information or to sign up email info@volunteernow.org or call 707-573-3399.