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Expertise Exchange – Professional Development Opportunities in Real-World Settings

Expertise Exchange – Professional Development Opportunities in Real-World Settings

Your organization’s managers and professionals can build their business skills and experiences, while helping local non-profits grow, through a new and unique opportunity at the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County.  The Expertise Exchange offers your organization an innovative way to develop your managers, supervisors, and high-potential employees by having them work on clearly-defined, short-term, pro bono projects that have specific objectives and measurable outcomes.

Selected managers and staff are assigned to work on a specific project plan at a local non-profit for 30-90 days. They work within a very flexible schedule of approximately 5 hours per week to achieve specific goals in partnership with their non-profit host.  The Expertise Exchange helps ensure project deliverables are met by providing regular support to both your organization’s volunteer and the non-profit organization for the duration of the project.  Some of the areas where a volunteer may contribute include: Strategic Planning, Marketing/Public Relations, Financial Management, Process Improvement, Conflict Resolution, Fund Development, Human Resources, Organization and Team Development, Website Planning, Information Technology and More!

We hope your organization will consider joining a team of skilled and knowledgeable experts that are currently partnering with local non-profits to tackle issues and help them achieve their goals. 
If you are looking to develop your managers and professional workforce while providing them with more meaningful ways to give back to the community,  we hope you'll join this exciting venture! 

For more information please call 707-573-3399 or email and place "Expertise Exchange" in the subject line.