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Engage your employees

Keysight Technologies provides employees up to four hours of paid-time-off per month to volunteer in Keysight-sponsored or supported community activities. Not only does this demonstrate the company’s values and commitment to corporate citizenship, it also builds teamwork and boosts employee morale.  

Become a sponsor

Corporate philanthropy can go a long way for companies:  from building coalitions with community groups to creating populations of future customers to boosting brand awareness, corporate identity and, especially, visibility.   Call 573-3399x119 to learn how to become a Volunteer Center sponsor!

Businesses can volunteer

At the Volunteer Center, we customize programs to get your employees involved. Whether it’s a one day park clean up project, or an ongoing program, let us help you design a program that fits your company and your needs. For more information call 707-573-3399 x117.

Get Your Company Involved

The Volunteer Center of Sonoma County offers programs, services and events that connect companies with the community.  If you want to encourage employees to get involved, raise your company's profile and enhance your reputation as a good corporate citizen, join us!

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  • Volunteer Projects for Businesses

    We make it easy for your business to connect with the community through volunteer opportunities, community programs and popular events.  It's fulfilling and FUN to help out on events like the Human Race and Secret Santa or to volunteer for a day to clean up the environment or tutor a child.

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    Our sponsors are prominently recognized at all Volunteer Center activities and events, and brand themselves among the most generous and community-committed organizations in Sonoma County. For more information, email Denise Silva at or call 707-573-3399x119.

  • Corporate Partners

    THANK YOU! The generous support of our Corporate Partners makes a tremendous difference in the health and well being of Sonoma County.  These companies leadership role and participation with the Volunteer Center makes possible so many critical services and strengthens the community by promoting volunteerism.

  • Corporate Partner Appreciation

    Each month, the Volunteer Center appreciates one of our amazing sponsors! Whether they are supporting Secret Santa, The Human Race, RSVP or the Volunteer Center itself, these companies are stars in our community!